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EHD Operators

Extra Heavy Duty Operators for Very Large Roller Shutters

The EHD portfolio is design for huge spring-balanced (up to 150m²) or non-spring balanced roller shutters (up to 120m²). They are the largest drive train in the Grifco portfolio and are designed tough to withstand the most extreme of workloads.

  • Powerful range of motors with purpose designed gearbox for durable, reliable operation
  • Choice of controls from Reversing Starters to the eDrive +2.0 Logic System for Mechanical Operators (GLMe2)

Leading Warranty

Built Tough

Easy to Integrate

Lasting Performance


Australian Made

Family Downloads

EHD Operator | High Cycle | Three Phase 415V

Part No.kWAmpsHpVoltagePhaseMax. Door Size SBMax. Door Size Non-SBIP RatingDutyReversing StarterMechanical LogicSpec SheetSpec Text

When ordering please specify an “L” or an “R” at the end of every part number. SB: Spring Balanced. Non-SB: Non-Spring Balanced