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Openers for Heavy Residential / Light Commercial Sliding Gates

The Grifco LG – Drive is suitable for a Heavy Residential or a Light Commercial single Slide gate up to 12 metres.

IP44 rated, the Grifco LG-Drive provides heavy lifting power performance for a slide gate up to 1000kg, with a Max peak pulling force of 22.5Nm.

Mains or Low Voltage options available.

The Grifco LG-Drive is myQ* capable and Battery Backup compatible.

Powerful, quiet and compliant to Australian and New Zealand Standards, enjoy complete peace of mind with 3 Year Warranty and built in premium safety reversal technology, to ensure what you love is protected.

Each E960G 4-channel Wireless Keyring Transmitter is loaded with Grifco Security+2.0 encryption rolling code technology means perfect operation under all environment conditions and from a greater distance than ever before.

Kit includes :

  • 4 x 1m Sliding Gate Rack
  • 2 x E960G 4-channel Wireless Keyring Transmitter
  • NOTE: Low Voltage option comes with additional external Transformer Box.

*The myQ App will run on Apple devices (iPhone/ iPod Touch) using iOS 13.0** or higher, Apple Watch requires watchOS5.0 or higher. Android devices requires Android 7.0 Nougat** or higher. Windows and Blackberry devices are not compatible.

** The app may be installed on earlier versions, however features and functionality may not work as expected. As updated versions of the myQ App becomes available, older iOS’s may no longer be compatible