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Grifco takes pride in its operations and is committed to providing our customers with quality, durable and sustainable products.

Sustainability is about more than just reducing waste; it is vital for the growth of Australia’s local manufacturing industry. Sustainable manufacturing practices provide a solid foundation for growing business and increasing export capabilities. For Grifco, this ensures manufacturing is kept on the Central Coast and in Australia.

Following our win for Excellence in Sustainable Operations at the Hunter Manufacturing Awards in October 2020, the Chamberlain Group factory where many Grifco products are made have built a sustainability roadmap which includes:

  • Energy and water conservation (we have had a 100kW solar panel installed on the roof of our factory to conserve energy and have reduced our water usage)
  • Investing in technology to prolong the lifespan of products
  • Providing effective equipment recovery solutions
  • Placing a large focus on recycling – we have gone completely paperless and reduced our overall waste

Below is an overview of some other actions we are taking towards sustainability from a packaging and manufacturing perspective at our facility in Gosford:

  • Our updated outer carton is made from 80% recyclable content. Simply pop it in your paper recycling bin so they can live on.
  • All packaging inserts are made from 100% recyclable content. These can also go directly in your paper recycling bin.
  • All our user manuals are printed on 100% recyclable and sustainably sourced paper. They are also available in PDF format on our website.
  • Our manufacturing processes and techniques are continually upgraded with the most modern practices, maintaining an excellent level of craftsmanship.

Should you have any questions or wish to discuss our sustainability initiatives, please feel free to contact us directly on 1800 474 326 for more information or to arrange a tour of our facility, located on the beautiful Central Coast of NSW Australia.