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Monitored Light Curtain

Monitored Entrapment Protection for the Entire Working Plane

The Monitored Light Curtain is a genuine investment in safety and injury prevention. 21 intersecting LEDs criss-cross 2m of the door’s opening height and will stop and reverse a closing door.

Light Curtain 3
Light Curtain 2
Light Curtain 4
Light Curtain 1

eDrive +2.0 Monitored Light Curtain System

Part No.Description
GLCPSLight Curtain, inc mounting frames, beams, mount system & 20m cable
GLCPS-BBare Light Curtain without mounting frame, inc 20m cable
GLC-3EPlug-in 3m extension cable for Light Curtain

The Grifco Light Curtain System is compatible with S-Drive and eDrive +2.0 operators with V2 software. Also compatible with mDrive and many other operators equipped with GLMe2 logic only (with V2 software).