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E-Drive Wall Controls

Wall Controls with Advanced Features and Protection

All E-Drive Operators are supplied with the basic C10A Wall Controller, however this broad range of advanced controllers offer application-specific functionality and further protection.

  • Available in steel or plastic enclosures
  • Numerous key switch options
  • Includes the traditional C10A facia and functionality

Family Downloads

E-Drive Wall Control | Basic Operation

Part No.DescriptionEnclosure Material
C10A-4Standard E-Drive ControlPlastic
C10AW-4Standard E-Drive Control, WaterproofPlastic
C30AStandard E-Drive ControlMetal

C10A-4 is supplied standard with all E-Drive Operators.

E-Drive Wall Control | Key Switch Operation

Part No.DescriptionEnclosure MaterialSpec Sheet
C21BIncludes Basic Key IsolatorPlastic
C41BIncludes Basic Key IsolatorMetal
C23BIncludes "Lock-it-Well" Key IsolatorPlastic
C43BIncludes "Lock-it-Well" Key IsolatorMetal
C21D-2Includes Multi-Mode Key IsolatorPlastic
C41D-2Includes Multi-Mode Key IsolatorMetal

“Lock-it-Well” Key Isolator features re-keyable cylinder. Multi-Mode Key Isolator features Off, Auto, Auto/Manual Modes.

E-Drive Wall Control | Spare Parts

Part No.Description
SA-500-1-SALESC10A-4 Control Lid Assembly Only
EB-P011-1C10A-4 Control Base Only
R455Replacement key for basic locks (C21B, C41B, C21D-2, C41D-2, GLMe2)

E-Drive Wall Control | Customer Specified

Part No.DescriptionEnclosure Material
C50ECWoolworths SpecificationPlastic
C63BSCTarget & K-Mart SpecificationMetal
C53BWBig-W SpecificationPlastic

STEP Files

Part No.DescriptionSpec Sheet
C21D-2Carpark Wall Control
C10AWall Control