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Transmitter Management

Management of Transmitters for Multi-Tenanted Applications

For application such as apartment building carparks, the Transmitter Management portfolio offers genuine device management for up to 1,000 remotes. Add, edit and delete each remote as tenants come and go.

Transmitter Management Pack

Part No.DescriptionManual
GTM-E960G-50Multi-Pack of 50 x E960G Transmitters

50 x professionally presented E960G remote transmitters for easy learning and programming.
Ideal for multi-tenanted applications.

Security +2.0 Transmitter Management

Part No.DescriptionManual
Star1000EVOTransmitter Management for up to 1,000 Remote Access Devices
E8003Security +2.0 3 Channel Add-On Receiver

Transmitter Management device for up to 1,000 remotes.
Add / edit / delete or even suspend remote transmitters for credentialed access to a facility

3-channel receiver (controls up to 3 x doors) for up to 50 remotes.