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High-Cycle Operator for Light-Commercial Sectional Doors

The Grifco LS-Drive is the perfect high-cycle operator for sectional doors found in small carparks. Designed for up to 50 cycles per day, it is the ideal automation solution for small multi-tenanted applications. It delivers all the necessary logic configurations without any unnecessary complexity.

  • The quiet, powerful drive train delivers smooth and fast door cycles, with soft start and soft stop
  • Logic options can be easily configured to “open only” and “timer-to-close”
  • The operator can be configured to receive a held-open input, making it ideal for fire input panels
  • The extremely durable extruded aluminium rail is available in 2 lengths and features a clever mounting method and integrated cable management
  • The rail can be easily surface mounted for low ceiling carparks

*Additional purchase of Grifco myQ Gateway and Safety IR Beam accessories required to enable myQ functionality.

Not available in New Zealand

Leading Warranty

Extruded Rail

Integrated Logic

Easy to Integrate


Carpark Ready

Battery Backup Compatible

Residential Carpark Opener
Residential Carpark Opener 2

Family Downloads

LS-Drive Sectional Door Operator | With 774ANZ Send / Receive Beam Kit

Part No.DescriptionSpec SheetSpec Text
GLD-SDO-R2.4MLS-Drive with Rail for max. 2.4m High Door
GLD-SDO-R3.0MLS-Drive with Rail for max. 3.0m High Door
GLD-SDO-R2.4M-BBULS-Drive with Rail for max. 2.4m High Door, with Battery Backup
GLD-SDO-R3.0M-BBULS-Drive with Rail for max. 3.0m High Door, with Battery Backup

LS-Drive Sectional Door Operator and BBU

Part No.Description
GLD-SDOLS-Drive Operator, Battery Backup Compatible
GLD-SDOLS-Drive Battery Backup Unit 24V

LS-Drive Rails

Part No.Description
GLD-R2.4MLS-Drive Rail for max. 2.4m High Door
GLD-R3.0MLS-Drive Rail for max. 3.0m High Door