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Key Switches & Push Buttons

Add an additional level of access control to your facility

Grifco offers a range of key switches and push buttons to offer credentialled access to a facility or isolate the door during service periods.

Family Downloads

Key Switches | Up/Down Control | 3 Position | N/O Contacts | Surface Mounted

Part No.DescriptionIP RatingMaster KeyableEnclosure Material
KS103Lockwood Style 3-position spring returnIP50Plastic
KS103HP"Lock-it-Well" 3-position spring returnIP56Plastic
KS104Basic 3-pos spring returnIP54-Plastic
KS111Lockwood Style 3-position spring returnIP50Metal
KS107Basic 3-pos spring return Vandal ResistantIP54Metal

Key Switches | Key Isolation | 2 Position | N/O Contacts |Surface Mounted

Part No.DescriptionIP RatingMaster KeyableEnclosure Material
KS108"Lock-it-Well" Key IsolatorIP50Plastic
KS109Basic Key IsolatorIP50-Plastic
KS110Basic Key IsolatorIP50-Metal

Push Button | General Control Interface

Part No.Description
PU101Single Push Button IP50
PU103L3 Position Up/Down/Stop Push Button IP40
PU100Mushroom Head Emergency Stop Button

Available in either Vertical (V) or Horizontal (H) configuration. Please specify when ordering.

Key Switches | Stainless Steel | N/O Contacts | Flush Mounted

Part No.DescriptionKey Switches
KS106Lockwood Style Up/Down Spring Return 3-Position1
KS1062 (H/V)Lockwood Style Up/Down Spring Return 3-Position2
KS1063 (H/V)Lockwood Style Up/Down Spring Return 3-Position3
KS1064 (H/V)Lockwood Style Up/Down Spring Return 3-Position4
KS1065 (H/V)Lockwood Style Up/Down Spring Return 3-Position5