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The Chamberlain Group’s Central Coast factory in Gosford is where many of Grifco’s market-leading industrial and commercial garage door openers are manufactured. For over 30 years, the factory has been dedicated to generating high quality materials for a growing customer base and to support on-going expansion.

Back in 2015, the Chamberlain Group sought an automated solution that would help meet growing product demands due to increased domestic and international market growth. This paved the way to a partnership with innovative technology organisations Okuma Australia and Automated Solutions Australia, who have worked collaboratively on local projects for over a decade.

Due to the nature of their experienced and established relationship, the two partners were engaged by the Chamberlain Group to design and install a robotic automated machining cell to drive efficiencies in the production of gears and shafts; which are integral components of the Grifco roller shutter drive systems. Fast forward three years, and the partnership has never been stronger. Earlier this year, Okuma, who design the mechanics of the system and provide its machine tools, installed the second production cell at the Chamberlain Group factory in Gosford. Together, the two machines have increased production capacity to alleviate growing demand.

“The new machine will free-up employees and allow them to focus their expertise and offer value in on other areas which require more human input. As the Chamberlain Group continues to grow, so does the focus on delivering the latest high-quality products to customers,” said Graeme Sheekey, Head of Operations, Chamberlain Group Oceania.

“The Chamberlain Group have a great relationship with Okuma spanning back to the installation of our first machine in 1998. The efficiency of the machines is second to none, and we look forward to future collaborations as we continue to grow and deliver more products to the market,” Mr Sheekey continued.

For more information, contact Grifco AU: 1800 GRIFCO, NZ: 0800 653 667 or [email protected].