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In most small industrial units, the roller door is usually the main access point for a small business. Employees, suppliers and customers all use the main door for pedestrian access as well as goods movement.

As it is an essential entry and exit point, tenants need a fast, powerful and reliable operator to move the roller door time and time again. The Grifco LR-Drive has been specifically designed for large roller doors up to 28m². Its powerful motor and efficient gearbox opens and closes at a speed which is fastest in its class.

A huge benefit of the LR-Drive is the onboard battery backup unit. Providing day-to-day access even when the power is out is a critical benefit of this product. Tenants have the freedom to still access their facility for multiple door openings – usually until the power is restored.

LR-Drive also offers smartphone connectivity thanks to its compatibility with the myQ app. With this feature, tenants can view and control their door from anywhere in the world 24/7. They can set schedules for the door to open or close at set times and even control it from an Apple Watch. For this service, a set of (separately available) safety beams need to be installed, to ensure an unattended door is closing safely.

LR-Drive is supplied with two keyring remote controls and a wireless wall button for internal operation. Grifco also have other remotes available, such as car visor remotes and a waterproof wireless security keypad which grants access to the facility from the outside with a 4 digit password.

It is backed by a two year, 10,000 cycle warranty and supported by Grifco, leaders in powering commercial doors.For more information about the LR-Drive, contact Grifco on 1800 GRIFCO or [email protected].