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Whether it’s grid overload, storms or even bushfires, Australia, and New Zealand both unfortunately experience blackouts throughout the year.

In 2017, according to Eaton’s annual Blackout Tracker Report, Australia experienced a 19 per cent spike in blackouts. Throughout the year, more than 1.7 million homeowners and businesses were affected by some 327 power outages.

Across the Tasman in New Zealand, power outages went up by a significant 36 per cent.

While the overall number of people affected by power outages was less than those impacted in 2016, the duration of the outages that occurred in 2017 increased by more than 39 per cent.

Safe and reliable door operation is a critical part of every building’s facilities. In the case of business operations, blackouts are not only inconvenient, they can result in both loss of income and reputation.

Grifco offers a power backup solution on most of their commercial door operators. For example, the LR-Drive operator (for roller doors) is supplied with battery backup, as are the two options for carpark sectional doors S-Drive and LS-Drive. Last year, Grifco also began distributing the popular ESAT20 UPS system to the Australian commercial and industrial door market. The ESAT20 provides uninterrupted power to the single phase range of eDrive +2.0 and mDrive operators for roller shutters.To learn more about how you can make sure your business or commercial property’s access points keep going, no matter what is happening contact Grifco on 1800 GRIFCO or [email protected].