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Improve the performance, safety and access control of car park doors

The car park door is often the first and last experience a tenant, visitor or customer has of a building. However, more often than not, the maintenance and performance of this essential asset is overlooked until there is an issue or performance failure.

Access, safety and security are all reliant on having a compliant and professionally maintained and serviced garage door opener. The right system and support is also an essential must-have for any Facility Manager with multiple access devices (including remote control and transmitters) to administer. 

Grifco is committed to supporting Facility Managers to better understand garage door opener performance, intelligence, compliance and security features needed to meet the varying demands of a commercial or large-scale residential building. These include:

  • Performance – car park doors activate hundreds of times a day, so the operator must be reliable. In the event of power outages, it is imperative the door remains operational to allow emergency access. A battery back-up system can easily and cost-effectively offer this.
  • Safety and compliance – a monitored entrapment protection system can also help stop a closing door upon non-contact detection of an obstruction, which is why this is now a mandatory inclusion to ensure system compliance.
  • Access control – most commercial door operators are designed to work with a variety of accessories, including card swipes, boom gates, loop detectors and fire panels. The operator needs to be adaptable and easy to integrate into the building ecosystem.

When it comes to managing access devices, Grifco offers a ‘transmitter management system’ that allows operators to manage up to 1,000 devices. If transmitters (including key ring or car visor remote controls) are lost or access denied, the device (and hence tenant’s access) can be easily paused, deleted, or a new one added.For more information or to improve the performance, safety and access control of your car park door, contact Grifco on 1800 GRIFCO or [email protected].