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We are passionate about local manufacturing, innovation, and building the skills of our talented workforce. 

The team in Gosford was invited by the New South Wales Government as one of the first operators to join the Driving Digital Skills Pilot Program – an initiative to upskill local workers and further advance the Australian manufacturing industry. 

The Driving Digital Skills Pilot Program is designed to help seasoned and new workers from specific industries, including defence, medicine and advanced manufacturing, to build on their expertise through enhanced digital skills. 

Pioneers in digital manufacturing skills 

We were chosen as one of the manufacturers to join the pilot program due to its reputation as an industry leader in cutting-edge innovation, and its push toward becoming a more digitised factory. 

Over 12-weeks, three employees Thomas Walker, Fahad Quddeh and Brandon Van Staden, were mentored by industry experts via a series of online workshops, coaching and events. 

Since taking part in the program, the trio have developed new skills in industry 4.0, project life cycle management processes and computer-aided manufacturing (CAM). 

“Training and upskilling workers mid-career can facilitate an easier transition into emerging roles that require new skills, by supporting workers to understand digital transformation – its benefits, and how it will drive productivity,” said Graeme Sheekey, General Head of Operations Oceania at Chamberlain Group. 

“We were thrilled to be invited to join this ground-breaking program and give our employees the unique chance to develop their digital skills. Our involvement in this program allows Grifco to continue to lead the way in developing and using new technology and driving world-leading technical and commercial innovation,” continued Mr Sheekey. 

Ministers tour Central Coast’s most innovative factory 

To commemorate the pilot program and the team’s involvement, Alister Henskens – Minister for Science, Innovation and Technology, and Minister for Skills joined Adam Crouch, Parliamentary secretary for the Central Coast and Member for Terrigal, for a tour of the Gosford factory. 

The ministers praised Grifco’s holistic approach to innovation, and its adoption of advanced technologies and upskilling workers locally. 

“There is growing need for workers to develop greater digital skills so they can effectively work alongside new and emerging technology and this program is one of the ways we are responding to this need,” said Mr Henskens. 

“Chamberlain Group is a great example of how advanced manufacturing businesses can benefit from workforce development initiatives that make our state an attractive place for industries to grow, invest, and create jobs,” concluded Mr Henskens. 

To learn more about the NSW Driving Digital Skills Pilot Program, click here.