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Airpak Sheet Metal has an air-conditioning ductwork manufacturing facility in West Gosford, Australia. Established in 2003, Airpak only uses superior Australian Steel and all products comply with Australian Standards.

Throughout the factory there are several large light commercial roller doors giving access to different parts of the facility for deliveries and to help manage air flow. These roller doors have been fitted with E-Drive RKML’s operators, E-Drive Wall Controls with key switch operation, Monitored Safety Beams and myQ Smart Technology.

The addition of myQ Smart Technology has allowed the team to save time, money and be more efficient with their resources. Including:

24/7 Access From Anywhere

  • Easy to facilitate after hours deliveries. Using the myQ App on his phone, David, a foreman at Airpak, can easily open specific doors to accommodate the delivery size and close them once unloading has concluded. Keeping the premises safe and secure at all times of the day or night.

Real-Time Notifications

  • Each time a door opens or closes within the factory, the Airpak team receive real-time notifications. They know who has been there, which door they accessed, what’s happened and when they have left. Giving them peace of mind there are no unauthorised access or safety issues.

Visibility To Door Status

  • At any time, the Airpak team can use the myQ App to see which door in the facility is open or closed. Also, when it was opened or closed and by whom. Ensuring the facility keeps on schedule and avoids any mishaps like forgetting to close a door.

Secure Guest Access

  • myQ Guest allows the Airpak team to give temporary access up to 5 trusted team members to the myQ App so the team member can open or close the doors when needed, keeping the business moving.

Risk Mitigation

  • myQ Guest provides Airpak with another level of risk mitigation against absenteeism, shift changes and other hurdles life throws at them.
  • The myQ App also provides a full log of all actions undertaken by each guest, giving transparency to the owners.

Pre-Set Scheduling

  • myQ allows the Airpak team to create different schedules to close the roller doors depending upon the shift length each day.

Adding myQ Smart Technology has allowed the Airpak team to keep track with all the comings and goings of a busy manufacturing facility.

Company Details

Airpak Sheet Metal Pty Ltd, West Gosford, NSW Australia

Established in 2003, Airpak Sheetmetal has over 55 years of combined experience in air-conditioning ductwork manufacturing and installation for medium to large commercial and industrial projects across Australia.