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Did you know that Grifco isn’t just the industry leader in commercial and industrial door operators, but develops a unique range of Poultry Winches

‘Poultry Winching’ is Grifco’s unparalleled design for poultry farms, and its Direct Drive winching products have been specifically designed for the electric lifting of feed, drink and perch lines in poultry sheds around the world.

Grifco is the industry benchmark for workmanship and reliability and its winches have been designed to the highest standards to perform year after year, benefiting farmers and livestock across Australia.

Tony Sinclair, Grifco’s Commercial Sales Manager, further explains the innovative design of its Poultry Winching range and why it’s setting new industry standards.


Who are the Poultry Winches designed for?

Grifco Poultry Winches have been designed for use in primary poultry meat production on farms in Australia and around the world.


What are the benefits for farmers?

Grifco winches have been integrated into poultry sheds in Australia for more than 20 years and provide peace of mind to growers to ensure they keep their livestock healthy.

Our winches are manufactured and supported in Australia for reliability, meaning service parts and support are always available locally should the need arise.


What are the benefits for poultry?

Feed, Drink and Perching lines are placed in all modern poultry sheds and these lines need to be raised and lowered as part of the feeding process.

Our Poultry Winches significantly benefit the welfare of poultry as chickens are easily disturbed and frightened by sudden movement or noise. These winches are renowned for their smooth and quiet operation which minimises the threat of startling the chickens and causing harm from external disturbances.

Bio-security and disease prevention is also top of mind in our design. Grifco Poultry Winches are integrated into sheds with central control points, and farmers and approved visitors can control all aspects of the shed. This means that farmers can control the feeding winches without the need to physically interact with the chickens – and risk spreading outside disease.


Where are Grifco Poultry Winches used?

Grifco Poultry Winches are used around the world and by the most of major growers in Australia – both commercial and private farms.

These growers are located predominantly across New South Wales, Victoria, South Australia and Western Australia.


Grifco’s award winning design

Grifco winches have a reputation for reliability, durability and longevity with the ability to last over 20 years.

Engineered and manufactured in Australia Chamberlain Group’s Australian factory in West Gosford NSW, its range is continually updated with modern equipment and processes to maintain an excellent level of craftsmanship and quality.

Grifco specifically designed its Poultry Winching application for the USA poultry market and collaborated with Chore-Time through the process, the largest supplier of poultry equipment in the world.

At the 2021 Hunter Manufacturing Awards (HMA), Grifco took out the Excellence in Export and Global Supply Chains Award for its Poultry Winching innovation.

HMA acknowledged Grifco’s strong strategic approach in identifying and entering new markets which has ensured a more sustainable Australian manufacturing facility. The judges shared that a standout was the collaboration with a US global leader to support Grifco’s design and manufacture of a winching application.


To learn more about Grifco’s industry leading winches for poultry sheds, head to or watch our video here.

If you’d like further information about Grifco’s products and services in AU or NZ, please feel free to browse our website or call us on 1800 474 326.