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Chamberlain Group is proud to have been recognised as sustainable pioneers at the recent Hunter Manufacturing Awards (HMA) ceremony held in Newcastle on 23 October 2020. 

The HMA’s inspire and encourage vibrant and enduring manufacturing in the Hunter and Central Coast regions, and this year, celebrated their resilience and ability to innovate and adapt during the COVID-19 pandemic. 

Nominated for both the Excellence in Sustainable Operations Award, and Manufacturer of the Year Award categories at this year’s HMA’s, Chamberlain Group took home the Excellence in Sustainable Operations award.  

Acknowledging our ongoing commitment to reduce the impact of operations on the local environment, the judges celebrated Chamberlain Group’s sustainability strategy, and the positive impact the five-year plan has already had on the environment. 

Graeme Sheekey, Head of Operations at Chamberlain Group, said sustainability is a key priority for the group, and they are dedicated to building a better future and empowering employees and the local community to do the same.  

“We worked with Lighthouse Futures, a sustainability consulting firm, to develop a five-year sustainability road map based on the UN’s 17 Sustainable Development Goals. The journey started three years ago and we’re incredibly proud of the work our employees have done to get us to where we are today,” says Graeme. 

The sustainability program enhances employee motivation, engagement and involvement in sustainability, and features a strategy and long-term roadmap, plus a policy and instructions that all six sites around Australia can easily follow. KPIs are in place to measure and track, and Chamberlain Group’s dedicated ‘Sustainability Committee’ help execute the strategy. 

Chamberlain Group has been ‘Zero Harm’ for three consecutive years and are further reducing their carbon footprint through reduced energy consumption, less waste, and less use of water and paper. 

From a 100KW solar panel to the installation of energy efficient lights and the use of industry 4.0 technology including an innovative magnetic sweep – Chamberlain Group ensures energy consumption is kept to a minimum. 

Waste reduction is another key initiative, with Chamberlain Group using recyclable packaging, and replacing internal stretch wrap with reusable straps. 

A recycling policy was implemented in 2019, ensuring eco bins are strategically located around the office and factory, and a paperless measuring and accounting system was installed to limit paper waste. 

Chamberlain Groups efforts have made a true environmental impact, with the sustainability program saving over 31,600kg CO2 emissions – the equivalent of over 943 trees planted. 

“Our sustainability program has reached our 100 employees across ANZ, and the plan is to reach all 6,000 employees globally to compete on a global scale and ensure a strong and sustainable future for all,” says Graeme. 

Chamberlain Group has set a strong foundation for ensuring a sustainable future for the business is dedicated to making the world more prosperous, inclusive, sustainable and resilient and will continue its efforts to lead the way to a sustainable future. 

This marks the second consecutive year that Chamberlain Group has been recognised for its contribution to the industry, taking home the Manufacturer of the Year Award at last year’s ceremony.