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Worksites are often a hive of activity with constant vehicular and pedestrian traffic. In such instances, traffic control is crucial to help prevent injury and ensure safe and efficient traffic management.

LED traffic signals are suitable for most commercial and industrial applications where roller and sectional doors prevalent. Ideal for operations such as factories, warehouses, emergency services facilities and car parks, Grifco’s LED Traffic Lights are perfect for traffic control of pedestrians, forklifts and vehicles.

These LED traffic signals can be easily integrated into Grifco’s eDrive +2.0 Roller Shutter Operator and S-Drive Sectional Door Operator, and can also be retrofitted to existing door operators using Grifco’s logic upgrade for mechanical operators.

Built to last

Made from quality materials, the traffic lights are dust proof and weatherproof and have exceptional life, while requiring little to no maintenance or replacement; the rated lifetime is up to an impressive 80,000 hours.

The bright red and green LEDs also operate on low voltage, making them ideal for use in all environments or where safety is paramount. They are extremely energy efficient and ultra bright, making them easily visible on the brightest of days.

Compact and flexible

At just 300mm high, the traffic signals are compact, making them ideal for all applications, even when space is limited. The adjustable bracket is easy to fix and allows the unit to swivel 180°, ideal for acute installation angles and various mounting methods.For more information on LED Traffic Lights, contact Grifco on 1800 GRIFCO or [email protected].