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Grifco Single Phase Online UPS Model CSCT2000

True Online Uninterrupted Power Supply 2KVA

Grifco is the exclusive distributor of the Upsonic CSCT2000 Single Phase Online UPS tower to the Commercial and Industrial Door market.

This unit is designed to provide an emergency open or close cycle in the absence of mains power, to provide safe egress or to secure the premises.

True online UPS devices help to also protect against spikes, surges, brownouts and EMI noise.

Compatible with all Grifco Single Phase operators up to 1HP (0.75Kw).

Key Features

• Uninterrupted Power Supply, compatible with all Grifco single-phase operators up to 1HP*
• Wide range of input voltage
• Auto fan speed adjustment
• Intelligent interactive LCD control panel
• Compact design
• Cold start, starts on battery and no mains power required
• Protection against overload, overheating, surges, spikes, short circuit and over charging
• Easy battery replacement.


* Maximum recommended operator size is 1HP (load including accessories shall not exceed 1.8 kW). Testing performed with E-Drive ML5102 unit fitted with Light Curtain and Expansion board. Max output torque 120 Nm Max Door size 30-36m² and 3 yr return to base / 2 yr on batteries.

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