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Whether you’re working or off the clock, ensure you and your team remember to adhere to the new road rule in New South Wales, the Australian Captial Territory, Victoria and Western Australia. Motorists are now required to slow down to 40km/h in these states and 25km/h in South Australia when passing a stationary emergency vehicle displaying blue or red flashing lights.
Motorists should always start slowing down in a controlled manner as soon as they first see blue or red flashing lights, taking into account the current road conditions including surrounding vehicles.
The rule applies to motorists travelling in either direction unless lanes are divided by a median strip. Motorists should not increase their speed until they are a safe distance past the vehicle.
The rule also required motorists to give way to any person on foot in the immediate area of the emergency vehicle.
Police, firefighters, paramedics, State Emergency Service and rescue volunteers perform difficult and dangerous work for the community. But just like everyone doing their job, they should feel safe and know that they are protected at work.
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