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Powering Carpark Doors

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Powering Carpark Doors

The carpark door is often the first and last experience a tenant, visitor or customer has of a building. Its performance is critical to the building’s overall operations.

Reliability of your door installation is essential. It is simply relied upon by almost all people in a facility. It must be built-for-purpose, adaptable and well-supported by a trusted supplier.

Carpark doors also pose various safety risks. The five points below combine to draw immediate attention to the risks surrounding your carpark door.

  • High use They open & close hundreds of times a day
  • High automation levels Doors respond to various devices such as loop detectors, sensors, card swipes and auto-close features, hence no one is usually monitoring the door movement
  • Heavy and large object Doors are large objects with pinch points. They respond slowly and are very heavy.
  • They move very fast For an object of their size, carpark doors move relatively fast
  • They separate a private and public space The operation of the door needs to consider vehicular and pedestrian access and safety for many scenarios and time of day

Grifco is keen to raise awareness around the key considerations Facility Managers need to be aware of to better understand the performance, intelligence, and security features a carpark door operator needs to meet a building’s varying demands. These include:

  • Safety
  • Convenience and access control
  • Compliance

Of particular concern is the lack of awareness surrounding compliance requirements of commercial door operators and installations.

To assist in these efforts, Grifco has released the “Vehicular Door Automation” Specification Guide to communicate many of the lesser-known considerations all parties should be aware of regarding carpark doors.

The guide includes a handy checklist as well as a quick reference guide to selecting he appropriate operator for your facility.

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Specify with Confidence

Grifco is a brand you can trust.

As part of Chamberlain Group, the world's largest manufacturer of residential and commercial door automation, we lead the industry in product innovation and exceptional support.

All Grifco operators are backed by industry-leading warranties, a national call centre and field service technicians. We boast regional warehouses in all major capitals as well as a direct, dedicated commercial sales team.

We aim to make the commercial door specification process as easy as possible, with an emphasis on safety, compliance, building management integration and access control.

Easy integration into the surrounding building management system including fire control panels, vehicle access devices and traffic management peripherals.
With highly-efficient gear drives, Grifco operators are built to perform and last.
Grifco operators are built tough to withstand rigorous workloads under challenging environmental conditions.
All operators can be operated on our backup power supplies, either via integral battery backup (as found in the S-Drive sectional door operator) or separate UPS systems.
All Grifco operators are compliant with Australian / New Zealand Standards with certificates of suitability available. This is essential when specifying commercial door automation.
All Grifco operators are supported by a 2-year warranty which covers the entire operator. Replacement parts and field service technicians are on hand for quick response if required.

Safety and Compliance

Vehicular access doors are a high risk component of commercial buildings.

Large, heavy moving objects, constant activity and highly-automated systems combine to pose significant risk to both people and property. For this reason Australian Standards stipulate commercial door operators and the surrounding installation have to meet minimum performance standards.

Grifco has the products and experience that can assist you in specifying a safe, compliant installation.

Carpark Door Operators


Operator for High Cycle Sectional Carpark Doors


Operator for Light Commercial Sectional Carpark Doors

eDrive +2.0

Operator for Spring-Balanced Roller Grilles and Shutters

U-Drive +2.0

Operator for Non-Spring Balanced Roller Grillers and Shuuters (launching 2018)

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