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E-Drive Expansion Board

Expansion Boards for Added Features and Functionality

Optional Grifco E-Drive Expansion Board for building management and dock integration.

For commercial and industrial applications wherever additional functionality and integration is required.

Integration with:

  • Dock leveller
  • Fire system (FIP)
  • Access control
  • Security system
  • Building Management Systems (BMS)

Configurable functionality

  • Multiple configurable inputs and outputs

Compatible with E-Drive, Fire Shutter Operators*, mDrive*, HD Operators* and EHD Operators*.

* Requires E-Drive Mechanical Logic Control.
Safe & Compliant
Lasting Performance
Built Tough
Designed & Engineered in Australia

Grifco Mechanical Logic Control System For Mechanical Limit Operators

Mechanical Logic Controls For Any Operator With Mechanical Limits

Grifco Mechanical Logic Control range has been designed to operate any industrial or commercial door operator with mechanical limits.

This innovative mechanical logic control system enables E-Drive logic functionality for mechanical limit operators.

Provides the following features:

  • Safety system inputs
  • Remote control functionality
  • Auto timer to close functionality
  • Access control inputs
  • Accessory power output
  • myQ Capable

Available options:

  • Grifco Expansion Board
  • For Heavy Duty (HD) Operators
  • Steel or plastic enclosures
  • Key switch functionality
Safe & Compliant
Lasting Performance
Built Tough
Carpark Ready
Designed & Engineered in Australia